Thursday, August 24, 2006

Frozen solid

August 23, 2006
What a night! I must have woken up every hour because I was so cold. I forgot to mention it yesterday but it poured rain and hailed here and snowed in the port hills so they are very pretty all covered with snow.

I had a bunch of work to do today and I have internet access (finally got Lyneke's password!) so I spent the day sitting at the desk inside my down sleeping bag with a jacket and gloves on. I kept having to take off a glove because the mouse pad won't work without bare skin. Why is that anyway? Very inconvenient when it's 2C inside and out.

I tried to build a better fire tonight before dinner but the whole thing fell over and I spent hours blowing on it to no avail. But tonight I went to bed fully armed - 2 hot water bottles, down sleeping bag, comforter, fleece jacket - and I slept like a baby!

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