Monday, February 29, 2016

Wanaka Triathlon

On Feb 20, my husband Ross, neighbour Jo, and I did a team half Ironman in Wanaka. Fortunately it wasn't 32C like it was at home in Christchurch. When I started the swim, it was 12C, colder than the water! But the water was still pretty cold and there were huge waves as we headed out. Here's a photo of the lake and swim course the day before.
By the second leg, the swells were hitting us broadside but on the 3rd leg, they were helping us. The last leg was straight into the sun. Wish I had found out what landmark to head for as I couldn't see the buoys. I ended up going too far inland and being directed out by a kayaker and then headed too far out so it was a bit of a zigzag at the end. But I managed to do the 1.9+k in 38 minutes, which I was happy with. 

Then Ross hopped on the bike and set out to tackle the winds. He averaged 30k/h on the legs with a tailwind and 20k/h into the headwind. He enjoyed every minute of it - well maybe not the last half hour or so - headwind plus steep hill. It's a very hilly course with gorgeous views such as this one heading back from Glendhu Bay. 
Jo and I were starting to worry about Ross as the time rolled past 3.5 hours. 
90k and 3:45 later, he rolled in looking not much worse than when he started.
So off went Jo on her half marathon that she completed in 2:08 despite rain for the second half. We ran across the finish line with her so I don't have a photo (unless I pay $29 for the official one) but here's one of the weather at the finish.
It was a fun day although I did feel a bit of a fraud when at 9pm I saw some of the Ironman athletes crossing the finish line and I had only raced for 38 minutes! Here we are at home with our participant medals - no podium finish for us.
We came 161 out of 306 in the team division, which isn't bad given there were no age categories so we were competing against people in their 20s and all male teams. Next year?!

The day after the race was warm and sunny and the drive home was beautiful. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Summer at last

Well my sewing has slowed down a little because our wintery summer finally became a real summer. It was 32C today. I would rather the high had jumped from 15C to 25C but beggars can't be choosers. We had a warm week a few weeks ago and it was followed by a week of rain and now warmth again so the vegie garden is growing like crazy. We've just finished apricots, broad beans, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, and sugar snap peas. And now we're eating plums, Asian pears, cabbage, kale, green beans, kohlrabi, lettuce, zucchini.....  Yum!

We have 2 new calves this summer and they are enjoying each other's company. We thought they were both boys but I think the 2nd calf just had a prominent leftover bit of umbilical cord. Can't see any dangly bits at the rear end anyway! We named the first one Bam Bam (his mother is Wilma). So number two's name has been officially changed to Pebbles. 

My time is also being spent on tennis and swimming. Ross and I crazily said yes to doing a team half Ironman on Feb 20 in Wanaka. I'm doing the swim and Ross is doing the bike. I only have to swim 1.9k but Ross has to bike 90k with hills!

I am in the middle of sewing the Sewaholic Granville blouse in a beautiful liberty print. More about that once I'm finished.
Plus I have everything cut out for an Italian tweed jacket and for a StyleArc Kate dress. Just have to pray for a little rain.