Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Greening up

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The black is miraculously turning green at last. The trees still look pretty ugly but the grass is growing and it makes such a difference.
View from bottom of the valley. Our house is on the hill at the top right.
For comparison, here's what the view of our hill looked like at the beginning of March,

We have had a lot of rain this year - almost a meter since Jan 1 - and a couple of weeks ago, we had 15 cm in two days! As a result, there were lots of slips. Ross had to get a digger in so he could get out the driveway to pick me up at the airport! There are lots of slips going down our valley as well.

Slip coming down through burned Mahoe trees

And the culvert on our stream that was burned out in the fire but still holding its tunnel shape was finally washed out.
Daphne and Phobe contemplating alternatives to jumping over!
But all that is easily fixed once it's dry enough for the digger driver to get down there.

Huge mats of broom are coming up in some places. We might join in with neighbours and do some aerial spraying in September or October. I also thought we might see if we can find some older broom with the broom gall mite on it. There was a lot of it on our property pre-fire but it was all burned. But maybe some of the neighbours have some surviving. It would be good to get several branches and distribute it through the new broom. 
Broom seedlings coming up
Another couple of months and we should be getting a hint of which trees are surviving. Lots of the cabbage trees are alive and virtually all of the flax has started to regrow. Looking forward to springtime!

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