Sunday, September 10, 2006

And the winner is...

September 10, 2006
Last night my team was the proud winner of the Green Party Quiz Night!! The people who own the house I'm staying in are members of the Green Party and I got a phone call inviting me to the Quiz Night. So I bravely went and clearly I chose the right team to join. I can't say that I contributed all that much to answering the quiz questions though: What was the score when the Silver Ferns beat Australia last year? I did know what sport it was though (bet you guys don't!). It's women's netball (see photo), which is something like basketball except that you can't move once you catch the ball - no dribbling allowed. I did know whose gingham dress sold for some huge amount of money though. I won a bar of Green and Black's Organic Bittersweet Dark Chocolate with Oranges and Spices! Yum!

I took another little tour of Christchurch bike ride again on Friday - this time to meet with my soon to be landlords to find out how to operate the washing machine etc (sorry, forgot to take a picture again). I then biked downtown (only 20 minutes by bike from my new place) and then biked along the Avon River all the way out to my current place on the coast - a nice winding road that most of the time wasn't too busy. There were a lot of people fishing with big nets along the river. I have no idea what they were fishing for though - maybe the giant bully! All along the river there were Canada Geese, of all things! And I came to NZ to enjoy the native birds. One non-native I am really enjoying though is a group of Australian Magpies that come by my house every morning. They are quite pretty and they are wonderful to listen to - like a bunch of women gabbing while they have their morning coffee.

It's -1C outside this morning but clear blue sky. There was no heat on in the house all night as usual so my fingers are starting to get numb! Plus I'm leaving in a few minutes for breakfast at the casino with the masters swim team followed this afternoon by a rugby match at Jade Stadium. Quite the social life I lead, eh?! So I think I'll sign off.

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Rosemary said...

Netball sounds just like "Speedaway".
Remember that gym we used to play in gym period in grade 9?