Sunday, September 17, 2006

World's most efficient swim carnival (aka swim meet)

Ssptember 17, 2006
I went to a 4-team masters swim meet at Jelley Park today and these Kiwis really know how to run a swim meet. Each team had one lane. There was one person per ten-tear age group per event (male/female separate) so you just lined up in the right age group order and went when it was your turn. It was so efficient you wouldn't believe it. And no stopwatches - just 4 points for 1st, 3 for 2md, 2 for 3rd, 1 for 4th. I swam 3 events (50 free, 50 and 100 back) and it was so nice not having to think about what my times were! And then we ended it all with a 10-person 500m freestyle relay! Then we all had barbecued sausages and bacon outside and I was home before noon. How's that for fun?!

Last night I went to a party at my soon-to-be-landlords' house and met the neighbours and some of their friends. They were a lovely group of people and, guess what? Trevor had been out fishing whitebait that day and I had my first whitebait fritter. He mixed them up in an egg batter, fried them up and then you eat them like liitle pancakes on a piece of bread. They were quite yummy. And I couldn't even see their eyeballs! Check out the picture below to see why I've beed focusing on the eyeballs. I also had smoked salmon that had been caught and smoked by one of the people at the party. Quite a feast!

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