Sunday, September 10, 2006

Canterbury wins!

September 10, 2006
Post #2 for today!

Just got back from the rugby match at Jade Stadium and the Canterbury Crusaders defeated the Counties Manukau (from South Auckland, I think). A big group of us from move2nz went including a bunch of kids (check out their face paint in my photo). I passed on the face paint myself but I did wear red socks.

I still don't have much of a clue about the game but I am starting to learn enough to know where to look for the ball when they get into one of their pileups (scrums, mauls or rucks - don't ask me which is which!). They aren't supposed to hang onto the ball in that situation so it usually gets popped out the back and then they pass it (only allowed to pass backwards though!) or kick it (they can kick forwards) or run with it (forwards also). Another thing that is different from North American sports - when the half or the whole game is over on the clock, they keep playing until the ball goes out of bounds or they score a try (aka a goal).

This morning I had breakfast with the local masters swim team at the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Casino. What a feast! And for any of you with gluten intolerance, this is the place to eat breakfast. Everything is labeled as to whether it contains gluten. Maybe gamblers are susceptible to celiac disease?

After breakfast I went over some judder bars to get somewhere, used my eftpos while I was there and when I was done I had to stop at the trundler park. Can you guess what I did?


barbara said...

Hi Ginny from Barbara and Andy!

Just popped in to see your folks - they gave us your blog link. So when we get back into our house (after the flood, the floors had to be redone so we are staying at the Glengrove Apts. right now), we will read the whole thing!

Your Dad looks great - and he is back in fine form - they threw us out when he asked if we liked watching tennis and we declined! We feel badly - we did not realize he had been watching the men's final at the US open!

Talk to you later, and hope you had a great phone connection with Amy!!

RobiNZ said...

Watch Rugby live? You've done something I've never done!