Sunday, September 24, 2006

My own house!

September 24, 2006
I moved into my new place on Thursday. See the photos below of my house, garden and views from the house. You can even see a satellite photo of my street on Google Earth. It was so nice to sleep in a cozy bed with a warm comforter! No sleeping bag anymore. But I have to say that it seemed very quiet not being able to hear the surf.

I went for a run Friday morning and next time I'll take my camera. I ran up the hill near my street and the views were great - not to mention the bellbird that sang to me the whole time. There weren't any bellbirds on the seashore when I was living there. I do miss my morning magpies but everyone tells me I shouldn't as they are terrible pests and even attack people! But they're still fun to listen to.

I've had another wonderful week and met more great people. Work has been a little too busy, which is a drag when there are so many other distractions! I had a great bike ride yeaterday with 4 other people so I worked harder than usual and definitely couldn't stop and take photos. Then I went to a party last night where I met more Kiwis and we played this crazy homemade gambling game where you each had a toy racing car. You put chips down for your car and whoever won got all the chips. It was kind of like Milles Bornes if any of you have ever played that - minus the puncture-proof tires and Coup Fouree etc. I only lost $6! :o)

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