Friday, September 01, 2006

Weird Kiwi Sports!

September 1, 2006
As I was leaving the pool yesterday I noticed some kayakers in the diving well. I thought - "Well that's a good spot to learn to paddle, roll etc before hitting the white water. But boy they sure crowd them in!" Turns out it was a water polo game with everyone in a kayak! The miracle was that they weren't all crashing into each other or whacking each other on the head with paddles!

Today I went for my first official bike ride with the guy who started Adventure South, the bike tour company I've used twice in the past. We biked up into the port hills (I am definitely out of biking shape!!) and the views were great (see photo from last year). There were a group of people paragliding up there (I've attached a picture of that too in case some of you don't know what that is). One of the guys was gliding fairly close to the ground and we actually managed to keep up a conversation with him as we rode and he glided along!

Then on my way back home I saw another person paragliding but he was doing it in the ocean on a surfboard or something - kind of like water skiing using the wind instead of a power boat!

So that's it for Kiwi sports today.

Forgot to mention that it has warmed up enough that I slept without any hot water bottles last night! It was up to 46F this morning when I biked to the pool - almost hot ;o)

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Catharine said...

Dear Ginny,

Interesting are getting settled in your new life style ( car)
We will have a drink for you in two weeks
What are you doing and why down under?
CAthy Menes